Jaryn the Bold

A brave warrior and renowed cult hunter. Many adveturers and heroes look to him as a role-modle.


An accomplished adventurer from an early age, Jaryn made a name for himself by combating the forces of evil in the defense of the common man. His particular focus was on the eradication of cults throughout Golarion as their radical beliefs made them more dangerous then any orc hoard. By the time Jaryn was thirty, he had joined a band called the Blades of Light, a splinter cell in service to the goddess of valor and honor: Iomedae the Inheritor. The Blades, like Jaryn himself, focused on rooting out dangerous cults before they could take root, saving countless lives in the process.

His exploits took him across the known world and over the next twenty years, became a legend and hero to many people throughout the Inner Sea Region. His strength, and his true and unflinching spirit made him a role model for many Paladins and other would-be heroes for the last forty years.

Now the Blades of Light have sent word for heroes to travel to Cassomir. Jaryn may be in danger, and in need of someone to save him for once.

Jaryn the Bold

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